A week on from The Marlborough’s own modern re-working of Medea, The Old Market raises to the challenge with its own experimental take on the Ancient Greek tragedy. This time set amidst the “technological turbulence” of the 1980s, Medea Electronica is somewhere between a theatrical performance and a live gig, the music itself a fusion of contemporary rock, 80s electronica and cinematic soundscapes.

The classic play follows the story of a woman distraught after the betrayal of her husband, thus embarking on a horrifyingly bloody trail of revenge. Thrown into the modern day, Medea’s husband’s voice calls out to her through an unseen telephone call, while she recalls her torment into a microphone accompanied by the rest of her live band.

Medea Electronic is the debut production of Pecho Mama, a company who set out to smash the distinctions between theatre and music. As such, the album Medea by Pecho Mama is also available for listening and purchasing online – whether it’s an album of the show, or the show is a dramatisation of the album remains intentionally ambiguous.

Medea Electronica also appears as part of The Old Market’s #TOMtech season, which includes last week’s ErictheFred and REMOTE.

Medea is performed at The Old Market at 8pm on both Tuesday 10 and Wednesday 11 October.

Tickets: £12.50 standard/£10 concessions (including students)/£8.50 with discount code: ELECTRO

Featured Image: The Old Market

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