Interactive theatre-makers Coney arrive at The Old Market in Hove for one night only on their UK tour of game theatre experience, REMOTE.

Boldly proclaiming itself “theatre of the future”, REMOTE fuses audience-participatory scripting with innovative use of digital technology. The audience are given the opportunity to control the actions of a central character of the performance, thus interrogating the politics of choice and decision-making.

Cony describe their theatre as “inspired by the belief that the world can be magical place where ordinary people can do extraordinary things. Collaboration and dialogue are at the heart of how we make work: with audiences, peers, partners, and a network of makers.

Originally performed at unconventional theatre space Camden People’s Theatre, REMOTE now forms a part of The Old Market’s #TOMtech season, which features a range of theatre exploring the interplay between new technologies and the arts. The programme includes cutting-edge experimental theatre, explorations into virtual and augmented reality, immersive new theatrical experiences and a number of talks and discussions interrogating modern technological trends and discoveries.

#TOMtech includes this week’s experimental clowning show ErictheFred and upcoming eighties-themed adaption of the Greek play Medea, both of which are being covered by The Badger.

REMOTE will be at The Old Market for one performance only at 8pm on Saturday 7 October.

Tickets : £12.50 standard / £10 concessions (including students)

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