Stefania Chihaia is a 3rd year Media and Communications student. 

   ”I started writing poetry a year ago, and discovered that the words would just come flowing out of me. Ever since, I have seen poetry as a way of being. It is that one form of communication where the soul is stripped completely bare. By being open and exploring my connection to the cosmos and to my own emotions, I seek to move and inspire others to discover the same connection and live their own inner light.

As for photography – I have liked it ever since I was young, and I am utterly in love with the feelings that a simple snapshot of reality can trigger. It’s about acknowledging the magnificence of life and turning it into a material slice of beauty.

My inspiration springs from my emotional experiences, out of which comes poetry, and in the beauty of nature all around us, a beauty we should notice more often.

My plans for the future are unclear – all I know is that I will live a passionate life, and I will bring something good into the world, transcending societal norms and limitations. The ultimate dream for me would be to become a writer ! 

The purpose of my project – The Universe Blooming – is to see nature and humans as expressions of the same energy, inextricably connected. While the photos express the simple beauty of nature on all levels, the poems are a reflection of the human soul, its connection to nature and its infinite potential.”


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