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Sherwin Wong – ‘PingYao Romance’

Lucie Andrau

ByLucie Andrau

Nov 20, 2016

Sherwin Wong is a 3rd year Media Practice student at Sussex.

”   I have been doing photography for 7 years, and I am particularly interested in film photography. Most of my photos are taken with film cameras, I like the texture and surprise film can give me. And I am always carrying a camera around. I find everything around me inspiring – friends, family or even passers-by. I love walking on the street and just letting my feelings direct my body. 

After my degree I would like to find a place to exhibit my work, and continue to produce art.

PingYao is very small and peaceful, like a little village. People are nice and the food is cheap. I find this city really romantic because of the red lanterns and yellow lights that decorate most of the night market stalls. It somehow reminds me of Wong Ka Wai’s movie scenes, with lanterns and time fading and moving slowly in the wind. 

I always choose the photographs that I want to keep after I develop them – there were around 400 of them for this project ! – here I chose the ones that made me say “Oh yeah, that’s the PingYao in my mind”. ”


Lucie Andrau

By Lucie Andrau

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