The fourth installment of TEDxSussexUniversity is shaping up bigger and better than before! TEDxSussexUniversity is an independently organised TED-like event, organised in the spirit of ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’. The conference is to be a platform for like-minded, curious, bright and passionate thinkers, wanting to participate in a TED-like experience.

On previous occasions we have successfully brought together great speakers with amazing ideas to share with the students and staff at the University. This year will not be an exception for that. This year’s speakers include Dr John Child, Kirsty Hulse, Rhiannon Colvin, and other nationally and internationally recognised speakers. The wide range of experts who will participate in the conference guarantee the richness of the content for this year.


The conference will take place on March 21st 2015 in Fulton A Lecture Theatre from 10am to

4.30pm. Student tickets will be priced at £10 and will be on sale by the end of this week.

Buy your tickets today!

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