The Arts team lists their top things that are considered to be uncool but are actually pretty great

Victoria: Mannequin 

A very terrible rom-com from 1987 which involves a mannequin coming to life and the music of Belinda Carlisle. Fantastic.

Victoria: Everybody Dance” – Chic 

Disco seems forever frowned upon, but who can resist these synths and handclaps?

Victoria:University Challenge

There’s no better way to spend a Monday evening shouting at the telly. Always followed by Only Connect, which is bound to make you feel even more stupid.

Ioana: Nicolas Cage 

Is he a good actor, is he a bad actor? Does it even matter? Who else has successfully played an unstable one-handed baker that falls in love with Cher? I rest my case.

Ioana: Don’t Stand So Close To Me” – The Police

And all of their songs, really. My mum loves them and so do I.


Come On Eileen” – Dexy’s Midnight Runners

Two key changes, three speed changes; too-rah-oo-rah-eh!

Lottie: Paul McCartney’s Wings

The band The Beatles could have been.

Tom: “If There’s Any Justice” – Lemar

Fame Academy aside, I’ve never gushed over vocals so much in my life. Silken. I would be your man.

Tom: “Vertigo” – U2

I don’t like Bono, I don’t like The Edge, I don’t even know the other two, but I know that they know how to write a riff.

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