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This November we will see reform in Police Authority up and down the country. Plans for a new and elected Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) are being brought into effect as the first elections held in England and Wales take place on November 15th.


Sussex Police Authority will be dissolved to make room for the PCC which will hold higher power for the distribution of budget for the force. It will be the first time that police officials of such rank will be elected by members of the public.


A nominations’ list, published by the Home Office, will set out details of candidates running for office.


Electoral Reform Society has speculated that turnout for this election could be as low as 18%, caused primarily by the wet and windy weather.


In response to this, the Home Office is launching a national advertising campaign in a bid to set the benchmark for the first election of this nature.


Several candidates will be coming to speak on the 31st of October in Meeting Room 2 in Falmer House.


This will provide students with an invaluable opportunity to find out about the candidates’ values and policies. Further details about the cadidates and elections can be found at www.sussexPCC.co.uk

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