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The Students’ Union has this week announced that student cards will now be considered acceptable forms of identification (ID) in Union hops and bars on campus.

Co-op, on the other hand, are unable to accept student ID as proof of age at the checkout.

They released a statement saying: “students wishing to register a biometric reading of their thumb on the OKiD system can do so with their student ID (providing it includes their date of birth) as well as a passport or a UK Driving License.”

The Co-op are keen to emphasise that it is not a thumbprint, but a machine that reads the different pressure points on your thumb.

Sign-up will be available Monday-Friday 12 October, 2pm-7pm outside the store.

Both domestic and international students have become increasingly frustrated with the refusal of certain types of ID.

Previously, the only acceptable forms of ID were UK driving licenses and passports.

Melissa Fulbert, a 3rd year Erasmus student expressed her aggravation at being refused in the past, claiming: “they don’t accept French Driving Licenses or ID cards, only passports but as we are part of the EU not everyone has a passport.”

Recognising this, the Students’ Union initiated discussions with Brighton and Hove Police and Trading Standards in order to clarify the situation.

The police have allowed East Slope, Falmer Bar and the Union Shop to accept student ID cards which have a date of birth.

Over the past few years Union talks took place with the University to revamp student ID cards which led to the introduction of a new ID card for students starting in September 2011, displaying their date of birth.

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