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Achievements could be listed as well as grades on university transcripts from next year as a new higher education strategy modernises the current degree classification system.

The Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) will be based on current academic transcripts but will incorporate more detail about performance as well as non-academic achievements.

The Times said: “[HEAR] will detail precise exam marks as well as participation in clubs, societies and volunteering.”

Initially HEAR will use the existing degree classifications, but alternatives might develop, said a report by the Burgess group, a major proponent of the changes.

Dan, a third year economics student, said: “I think it is a good idea. I think it is a better, broader spectrum of each personality and I think it would actually give a better

opportunity to people that have more skills than those who just learn everything the night before.”

HEAR was trialled across 18 universities in 2009; the results have led to 109 UK universities expressing interest in the scheme.

Recent Sussex law graduate Paula expressed concerns about the proposed reports.

She said that she already had a document that recorded her academic and extra-curricular activities – her CV.

Settit Beyene, writer for the Huffington Post, explains that: “If employers maintain their current classification filter against graduates who have not achieved a 2.1, then the HEAR is rendered less useful.

“Many graduates with a 2.1 or first class degree will also have a similar repertoire of impressive skills and activities, negating the benefits of it.” HEAR.”



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