Spelling out an apology. Photo: guardian.co.uk

Apologising is one of the most distinctively British things out there. In a culture where one is taught to say sorry from a very early age, it has quickly become part of our daily vocabulary.
That was the topic of Hannah Jane Walker’s performance held at the Nightingale theatre. In a very cosy setting-so cosy I had to check that i was indeed about to watch a performance as part of the fringe festival and had not instead, rudely interrupted someone’s dinner plans, Hannah wittingly weaved in and out of her own poems.
In between she asked the 10 of us to come up with apologies based on a number on a playing card that marked the severity of the situation ( a number 10 for example would warrant an apology for murder)  as well as write down an apology that we should have delivered to someone. The night felt incredibly personal, while some members chose to pour out their heart and souls others kept it light and the banter flowed effortlessly around.
The ambience was made that more calming with the combination of candle-light and at times, music playing softly in the background. All in all, it was a unique way to perform poetry and I guess, this is just to say, that I unexpectantly had one of the best nights out in a while.

Wanjiru Kariuki
Arts editor

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