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There is something novel about a performance in a shop window. Not quite as novel as it would have been a decade ago, since then the concept of watching a performance behind glass and listening to the dialogue with headsets has somewhat proliferated, but nonetheless there is still novelty in its voyeuristic values. Indeed it is billed as a performance ‘for curtain twitchers’.
Unfortunately that is all this performance had going for it, the acting was wooden and the plot uninspired. Admittedly it was based around banality of everyday existence but unfortunately it failed to be anything but mundane.
Even though the total duration was only supposed to be forty minutes, after quarter of an hour I was checking the time and it has to be said, I could see other members of the audience looking at their phones. With the proximity to the stage so small, there was definitely a large possibility that the actors may have been able to see this, however the actors betrayed no recognition of this, and not once crossed the infamous invisible fourth wall despite the unusual circumstances.
That , at least, showed a level of professionalism that was sadly lacking in every other aspect of the show.  Thankfully the spectacle of the occasion attracted the attention of some of the more colourful characters in Brighton and they proved a much more interesting cast.

Helen Grace

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