This Time Tomorrow was quite possibly the best performance I have ever seen. Comprised of four fifteen minute vignettes taking place in four cars in Hanover Community Centre it was an opportunity par excellence to get up close and personal with the action, watching it unfold directly from the backseats.
The cars used as a vehicle (sorry) to set the scene – new age hippies at a festival in a campervan, a couple on a first date, friends picking up their children from school and sisters waiting to collect their mother – each story evolved from this point to become something much more poignant and were in turn utterly compelling.
As if you had been momentarily granted invisibility, the actors paid no heed to your existence which allowed the audience to become completely engrossed in the unfolding drama, to become wholly immersed in personal moments which were without exception unwaveringly convincing. At such close proximity, it would have been impossible to miss even the slightest of hesitations or stumbling over words but each time the performances were faultless.
I was utterly transported (sorry, again) into their worlds; worlds which whilst succeeding to be comedic, dramatic and pathetic respectively, managed to remain entirely realistic.
I cannot emphasise enough both the quality of the acting and the calibre of the premise. If I were you, this time tomorrow I’d make sure I’d have seen it for myself.

Helen Grace

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