Hate to say it, but Freshers’ Week has well and truly ended which means it’s time to catch up with reality and crack down on your studies. Easier said than done, hey? When it comes to making the most out of a study session, the environment you choose is everything.

Of course the most popular space on campus is the library but if that isn’t the vibe you’re looking for or if it’s a little overcrowded then, as a Brightonian, the city has a few tricks up its sleeve, with many great study spots!

Cafe Bar at Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts

Located right next to the Falmer Bar, with  French windows that open out the lawn and a fish pond, this cafe is permeated with natural light making it a great place to grab a drink and do some work. The cafe serves a variety of breakfast foods and light meals, from soup to pancakes-with plenty of vegetarian and vegan options! Pick a seat by the window- or even outside- so that, when you tire of an intense period of work, the beautiful views of our campus are only a glance away. It only opens from 8:30am to 6pm on weekdays during the university term time but it is still a good call if you need a spot on campus between lectures!


Trading Post Coffee Roasters

This place is one of the iconic study cafes in Brighton because it serves perfectly brewed coffee and has an abundance of seats over two floors and an outdoor area for students to sit all day long. Located in Ship Street, just off North Street , it is a great spot if you find yourself in town. The rustic feel interior takes a minimal approach that gives the environment a simplistic and raw but wholesome feel. The coffee is also great and the staff are clued up on the various blends they have to offer. The flat white doesn’t leave much to be desired, with a complex and nutty aftertaste! And the most important thing is it opens every day of the week. Good news for students!


Presuming Ed Coffee House

Not gonna lie, when I looked at the colourful checkered wall at the entrance, I doubted whether it would be a good study space at first. Obviously, I was wrong! If you are looking for a vibrant environment to work, located at the heart of London Road and with this venue’s wacky decor, you will never get tired of studying here. There is also a little garden at the back if you feel that you don’t want to be cooped up all day. It serves poke bowls as well if you crave for some fusion cuisine when you are drained from studying. One tip I would give, however, would be to bring your own headphones if you want to focus- even if they do have an incredible playlist.


The Plant Room

If you missed the plant sale on campus and so, haven’t managed to pick yourself up an eco friendly study companion, this coffee house has you covered with its trendy student friendly aesthetic with pot plants to match. With coffee being served from New Zealand roasters, All Press, you’ll find no issue with getting your caffeine fix and might even find yourself chowing down on one of their vegan dishes or pastries. Just like most of the cafes, closing at around 6pm, it would not be ideal when you want to continue your work in the evening. But it is still a great place to study, especially with the nice staff and the laptop-friendly policy!



Coffee and cake are an age old, tried and tested formula and, this next place have got it down to a fine art. Coffetzar is located at the far end of the North Laines and is a perfect spot for outside studying with a seating area that proves to be quite an idyllic spot, when the weather’s on side.. Despite the name, this place is also well-known for tea, so if you are a tea person, you should give it a go!


Waterstones Brighton

Who doesn’t love this bookstore? Not many people notice there is an upstairs cafe. There is nothing better than studying surrounded by books and coffee. Located right in the city centre, it is easy to access and the atmosphere is so chilled that you will find it comfortable to concentrate.


Mojo Coffee House

Located on Lewes Road, where most of the student accommodation is located, it is one of the good options for studying if you don’t want to go out into town. It may not have the same hustle and bustle of a venue located in the heart of the city but it serves great coffee and offers a great environment for you to buckle down and get on with your work.

Brighton has a lot of amazing study cafes and I am sure you can find one that suits you the best!

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