El Camino- Breaking Bad. I have to start by saying that if you watch this movie out of context you probably won’t like it. The story has suspense, vendettas, friendships, but the main ingredient is nostalgia, and you will appreciate it more if you know the past behind the characters. If you haven’t watched the series and you decide to watch this movie, I sincerely recommend you to stop. The recapitulation at the beginning is not enough to understand the background and you might end up hating it as it could easily be a bad Sunday movie with a bit of violence and total incoherence.
I must admit that I loved Breaking Bad, so I was anxiously awaiting the release of this movie since the trailer where skinny Pete was being interrogated by the police about Jesse Pinkman was released. I imagined a whole new adventure with Pinkman (Aaron Paul) as the main character, and I wasn’t completely wrong but it was far from being an adventure. During the movie you’ll see a more mature Pinkman that constantly remembers the past and takes us to scenes with special characters that were crucial in his journey throughout the series. As such, you may feel empathy by an emotional and passionate Pinkman that now is more conscious and less reckless than he was in the past.

I have to add that even being a Breaking Bad fan you can feel a bit lost and will (at least I do) want to re-watch the whole series to remember all the little details. The movie, just like the series, was directed and written by Vince Gilligan meaning since the very beginning you recognize the visual style of Gilligan and you feel transported back to the time and space (Albuquerque, New Mexico) where Walter White and Jesse Pinkman started everything.


You can say that this story is a clean break from Breaking Bad. When the series ended, it left fans hungry for more and this was a closure that Gilligan gave us to complete the storyline he left open about the second in command of the meth lab. However, I have to finish questioning was this movie even necessary? I have to say no. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed it, it’s entertaining, it follows the narrative and I support that the creators wanted to explore the nuances of Jesse, but it was an ending that may verge on the side of predictable as we could all picture it in our heads.

Laura Lucia Rodriguez Peña

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