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Is Studying Abroad for You?

Rachael Naylor

ByRachael Naylor

Nov 6, 2018

With the Study Abroad season fast approaching, now is the time to be aware of what is on offer for you…

There are more opportunities out there than I had expected during my university experience; including options to get out of the “uni bubble”, and experience your studies elsewhere. Study Abroad is one of these options, which we will be covering across our spread this week. It has never been more important to get young people out there and challenging our ‘normal.’

The decision to pursue a year, or term abroad, is a massive consideration undertaken, especially this time of year. With over 140 universities across the world to choose from, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the possibilities, questions and concerns that arise from opportunities such as these.

University of Sussex allows you to apply for a year or term abroad no matter what course you study (some even include a guaranteed year abroad within the curriculum). By opting for the year abroad your course will be extended for a year, or if you choose the term abroad then it will be taken within the first or second term of Year 2.

You can apply through the Study Abroad team the year before you are set to start your year/term abroad. However, before then, student services can support you in a number of ways, such as in applications, university/exchange programmes; finding accommodation abroad; grants; insurance; visas, costs etc.  This support does not stop there; there are also meetings and interviews held with returning students and they will advise you throughout your year abroad as well.

For example, an upcoming meeting for Global Studies students is being held with the Study Abroad team on the 12th October. So, be sure to get into contact with the team and your school department so that you are informed of when your meetings are.

The choice between a year and term abroad is dependent on your own preferences on how you wish to experience your time abroad, and there are many other aspects to consider when making this choice. There are questions of social background; and how that can tie-in and be relevant to your own study topic. Also, language, where you can choose to be taught in English or Spanish or a number of others, and then there is the dreaded cost of living etc. We will explore these subjects throughout this edition, as we cover accounts of students who have offered an insight into their own experiences through the study abroad scheme.

As emailed by Dr Diana Ibañez-Tirado, “Experience another culture, improve your language abilities and gain an edge when it comes to your career.”

It is a big decision, but with so many benefits during and after your trip. It will not be a holiday, but nevertheless it could be the most amazing adventure you ever take.

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