This is the first ever visit of the Ballet British Columbia to the UK. Their repute grows internationally as they take over theatres across the UK. One definitely should not miss out. Ballet BC from Canada are a contemporary, energetic ballet dance group recognized for their originality and ingenuity. They bring to us a programme specifically for International Women’s Day – the work of three globally acclaimed women choreographers who have carried forward the tradition of ballet.

The Ballet British Columbia are based in Vancouver, Canada. They are a young ballet company, established in 1986. The current programme is led by Emily Molnar who heads the company and has presented over forty works of art in the last eighteen years. Along with her, Crystal Pite and Sharon Eyle have trained the performers with enthusiasm and imaginative work. Emily Molnar does not follow a traditional hierarchy in the workplace. In fact, she takes into account the thoughts and open-mindedness that each of the performers can bring individually.

Eighteen plus performers will entertain us with the beauty, elegance and effortless movements on the 9th of March, 2018, 7.30 p.m. sharp at Brighton Dome. There will be breaks between the performances, and schools are encouraged to bring their students with reduced rates, and for anyone who wants to come for educational and learning experiences.

The programme is divided into three segments:

Emily Molnar’s 16+ A Room is inspired by the work of Jeanette Wilson and Emily Dickinson. With brilliant fast-paced choreography, and energized athleticism, this performance will ignite the audience.

Solo Echo by Crystal Pite is a romantic performance, with a shimmering snowfall setting and based on soft cello and piano sonatas. Crystal Pite is a former ballet dancer and won the Olivier award for Sadler’s Well Associate Artist.

Sharon Eyle collaborated with Gul Behar to create Bill. Bill showcases raw beauty at its centre, and is audaciously performed by the dancers’ radiance and unquestionable skill.

Tickets: From £10


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