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Thinking Queer: Bloomsbury Group Preview

Louisa Streeting

ByLouisa Streeting

Nov 2, 2017
Thinking Queer

The Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts (ACCA) will be hosting a discussion centring around the influential intellectuals of the Bloomsbury Group on Friday 10 November. In partnership with the Marlborough Theatre, Thinking Queer: Bloomsbury Group will present a night of contemplation, considering the philosophies and ideals that circulated around the collective.

The Bloomsbury Group was a circle of English intellectuals in the first half of the twentieth-century including members such as Virginia Woolf, E. M. Forster, and Rodger Fry. The group stemmed from alumni and friends of colleges from Cambridge University who were since situated near Bloomsbury in London. They were united by a shared belief in the importance of the arts and progressive values particularly surrounding femininity, sexuality, and pacifism.

Considering their united ethos, discussion will be led by a group of contemporary performers who will discuss what a similar radical group might be like today. Speakers will include Marisa Carnesky, Alok Vaid-Menon, Nando Messias, and Jacob V Joyce. The group encompass a wide range of the arts, including: Carnesky, a curator of performance work, Vaid-Menon, an internationally acclaimed trans writer, Messias, a performance artist and dancer, and Joyce, an illustrator and artist. This group of artists and writers will dissect some of the beliefs from the Bloomsbury circle and look at how they’re evolving today.

Come along to this event hosted in the beautiful ACCA café on 10 November to engage in enriching discussion lead by a group of artistic professionals. Doors open 7pm.

Tickets: £10 standard / £8 for concessions – don’t forget students can also receive a further 20% off concession prices if they show their student card at the Box Office.

There is also an allocation of Pay What You Decide (PWYD) tickets available for this event on a first come first serve basis. There is a maximum of four PWYD tickets per person. Please phone the box office on 01273 678822 or email for further information.

Featured Image Credit: Sarah Ferrari


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