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Miss Represented: Can You See Me Now? Preview

Fatima Hasan

ByFatima Hasan

Nov 23, 2017
Miss Represented

We are told to be certain things in life, to fulfil certain roles, and not challenge what others tell us. Miss Represented works with young women from different walks of life, and tells the unheard stories of what it is like to live in their world, or rather the world of women. It is about self-knowledge, self-awareness, and how others perceive us – all shown through this art forms like music, film and theatrical performances. The performers aim to make us more aware about ourselves.

Each of the members of the group have created a safe space for themselves, and their audience. Positivity, maturity, and life-affirming attitude resonate in their stories. They aim to share how they managed to scrape by, and hold themselves together when their worlds collapsed. The age group of the performers range from thirteen to twenty-one – which is a wide age gap, and a more inclusive approach to the issues one may face. From homelessness to lack of societal support, these girls tell stories of what it is like to be a child, a mother, or simply themselves.

I personally cannot wait for the show because of how inspiring the project is. Miss Represented have been changing perspectives since 2011 when it all started on BBC Radio 1Xtra. The storytelling idea developed later, and has been successful in all its pop-up performances. This is an opportunity not to be missed.

Can You See Me Now? is showing at Brighton Dome at 7:30pm on Friday 24 and Saturday 25 November.

Tickets are now sold out.

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