Recently, we have found ourselves amidst a bizarre kind of “clowning renaissance”. From the unnerving and occasionally violent sightings across the US over previous years, to FX horror anthology American Horror Story’s phenomenally terrifying character Twisty, the evolution of the modern day “evil clown” perhaps peaked with last month’s record-breaking blockbuster It and the manifestation of its child-hunting villain as Pennywise The Dancing Clown. Away from the sensationalism of these modern adaptions, ErictheFred offers a clown show that is at once truer to its roots of mime and comedy, as well as defiantly and unsettlingly imaginative.

Critically-acclaimed creator and performer, Chris Lynam (described by Eddie Izzard as “the funniest man on the planet”), combines his twisted take on classical clowning with original film and music to build his immersive theatrical journey. Audiences follow Lynam’s character, ErictheFred, on an ethereal journey through his dreams and nightmares. One minute brimming with acrobatic energy and the next swamped in perplexing emotion depth, ErictheFred is intriguingly described by The Scotsman as “equal parts David Lynch, Samuel Beckett and Looney Tunes”.

ErictheFred forms part of a series of The Old Market shows this October which explore the interplay between new technologies and the arts, assisting emerging theatre-makers in exploring the problems and possibilities our ever-evolving technological age presents both onstage and off. The programme – titled #TOMtech – promises cutting-edge experimental theatre, explorations into virtual and augmented reality, immersive new theatrical experiences and a number of talks and discussions interrogating modern technological trends and discoveries.

#TOMtech includes this weekend’s ambitious technologically-powered game theatre production REMOTE and upcoming eighties-themed adaption of the Greek play Medea, both of which will be covered by The Badger.

ErictheFred shows at 7:30pm (Doors 6:45pm) at The Old Market on Wednesday 4 and Thursday 5 October.

Tickets: £10 standard/£8.50 with discount code ERICCLOWN

Featured Image: Chris Lynam

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