September 10-15th

Students Unio Ticket Sale

Get your tickets for all the

Official Fresher Events you want to attend here!

From 10am @ Falmer House

Alternate DJ night

Head on over to our notorious Easy Slope Bar for a popping Indie-Night hosted by one of very own DJ’s.

From 8pm @ East Slope

September 11th

Welcome Party: Welcome to the Jumgle

Official Freshers Welcome Party, where all the magic begins in the Big Tent on campus. Big Narstie and Mistjam will be amongst the performers.

September 13th

Brightonian Nights. Sussex Uni’s traditional Bar Crawl night through the coolest pubs in town and–– dare we say it–– in England as a whole. From 7:30 bus leaving from Falmer

SKINT Launch Party. East Slope Bar’s famous cheap pub night with great R&B, another Fresher classic.

Worried about missing SKINT for Brightonian Nights? No problem! SKINT goes on every Tuesday!

September 14th

Pryzm: Beach Night

The weekly night our sports team get geared up in… fancy dress! Head down to popular Pryzm this Wednesday and don’t forget your bathing suit.


Fireworks on Friday, here on campus! For an emotional start to Uni.

September 15th

Geek Night

After five days of going out, withtwo more to go ––don’t forget the fireworks on Friday–– spend your evening in Room 76 with a great selection of board games, delicious Horsham Coffee, and a plate of our infamous nachos. It’ll make your mum happy.

From 7pm @Room 76

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