Call us biased, but Brighton is one of the best towns in the country, if not the world – music, food, fashion, theatre, nightlife, there’s nothing at which our beloved town doesn’t excel! No matter how long your degree is, your time as a student in Brighton will fly by, so we’ve comprised a ‘bucket list’ of activities to help you make the most of it.

Visit the Pavilion

Of course, you’ve seen it many times: whether it’s on the Brighton snapchat filter, on the council logo on the side of a wheelie bin, or while waiting for the N25 to take you back to campus after a heavy Pryzm sesh. The glorious building is even more spectacular on the inside, making it an impressive attraction to see with visiting friends or family.

Tackle the Arts A stairs

You may look at this suggestion and think, “I passed my A-levels with flying colours! I’m at university now! I’m doing a degree, for heaven’s sake! Of course I can tackle a flight of measly stairs!” However, such hubris has got the better of many a Sussex fresher, who have found themselves struggling to ascend the famed steps in anything resembling a proficient manner. An A* in Politics means nothing to these devious steps.

Watch the sunrise on Brighton beach

I sat with one of my best friends on the beach and watched the sunrise at around 4 in the morning of my last day of my first year. Aside from being a great Instagram post, it was a lovely thing to do, especially as a way to round of the year. This is perhaps one to save for the warmer months though, because even in June, I found myself frozen to the bone (or maybe be more prepared than me and at least wear a jacket…)

Get a meal at Buddies at a ridiculous hour

Where else can you have a pizza, ribs, fries and onion rings AND table service AND nice cutlery at 3AM?! Decent seafront nosh by day, Michelin-worthy cuisine at night. Post-club snacking has never been so classy.

Become more politically engaged

Sussex is known for being a hub of political activity, so make the most of it! Whether it’s joining a political society, campaigning for an issue you feel strongly about, or even just debating political issues with your mates over a pint, there’s always something you can do to be more politically active while you’re here.

Culinary delights

As well as music, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to food in Brighton. Whether you want unlimited pizza and pasta for under a tenner at Casa de la Pizza, or you want to splash out on sophisticated vegetarian food at Food for Friends, there’s always something available in town to tickle your taste buds. You can even find good nosh without venturing off campus – treat yourself to one of the delicious cakes at Room 76, or have a bite of Mexico from the burrito van near Bramber House.

Have a homely meal

The perfect cure for homesickness is cooking a meal: whether it’s your family’s favourite dish or a roast dinner, some good food is bound to cheer you up. Even better, get together with your flatmates or new friends and cook something together. And if you want the comfort food without the effort, head down to East Slope for a reasonably priced Sunday roast.

Try something new

It’s a pretty cliché suggestion, but there is no better time to try your hand at something different, and Sussex is a brilliant place to do it. With access to such a wide variety of things to do in Brighton, you’ll be spoilt for choice. On top of that, Sussex has a range of clubs and societies – from stand-up comedy to ultimate frisbee, your only problem will be finding the time to try it all.

Go to a screening at East Slope Bar

Our beloved campus bar shows screenings of various things, ranging from football to the Great British Bake Off final. Get down there early to nab a seat, then enjoy the show with some food, some drinks, and some mates.

Explore the campus

From the South Downs behind Northfield to the forest behind East Slope, there’s plenty to see around the Sussex campus. If you’ve got a bit of spare time on a nice day, have a wander and see what you discover about the campus…


Brighton has a plethora of musical activity, from indie and jazz, to classical and metal – whatever your taste, there will be a gig in town for you. Tickets are often very reasonably priced, so why not take a gamble on a new band, and try something different. The Haunt, The Hope and Ruin, and Concorde 2 are good places to see if there’s anything that takes your fancy.   

Cheer on the local team

Going to a Brighton and Hove Albion game will no doubt be the only time at Sussex that you’ll find yourself on the side of seagulls… Students can get their hands on tickets for as little as £12, up to four times during the season, so make the most of the brilliant offer and see the Seagulls in action. Even if you’re not at the game, you’ll certainly be able to hear the crowd from campus, with the noise even reaching as far as Northfield!

Stroll around Stanmer Park

Situated just outside of the campus, Stanmer Park is a beautiful area of countryside and woodland, and is the perfect location for a wander, a picnic, or a tranquil escape. The scenery is especially charming in the Autumn, with golden leaves galore. Hunt down the large oak tree with ropes swings, as it’s perfect for feigning childhood again when the pressures of university are weighing on your shoulders.

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