Lidl is not a supermarket, it is a way of life

Lidl is a tiny rabbit making a burrow

It is having warm soup on the coldest day of the year

It is a slice of slightly-raw bread, which you cherish till the last bite

It is a field trip and it is feeding ducks and fish

It is a raw chestnut


Lidl means not putting your self-confidence in the hands of strangers

It is listening to the rain late at night while being on the top floor of

the library

It is waking up to the sound of rain on a Sunday morning


Lidl is seeing a bunch of squirrels hide when you walk past them

And one of them trying to go down the slide near Park Village

Lidl means finding the cereals you used to eat back home, and feeling at

home at your new home

Lidl is a tiny ladybird that lands on your sweater and flies off again


Lidl is the unconditional love we hold for all the tiny things in life

And the joy life brings with them


Paloma Miquel

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Home is where the Lidl is

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