Sussex students have voted in favor of the Students’ Union adopting the proposed restructure of Full-time and Part-time officer roles.

60 percent of students approved of adopting the restructure of elected officer positions laid out in the recently released role review, which would see the positions of Communications Officer and Operations Officer scrapped and the role of Education Officer split into separate undergraduate and postgraduate roles.

Students also voted overwhelmingly for the Students’ Union to become an accredited living wage employer, with 72 percent of students of students voting in favor of the motion and 28 percent voting against.

The Students’ Union’s elected Student Trustees will now look over the financial implications of adopting an official living wage policy.

The question on whether the role of Students’ Union President should be re-branded with a different title, such as Union Affairs Officer or Union Chair, was marginally rejected by students, with 51 percent voting ‘no’ against 49  percent voting ‘yes’.

All in all, 585 students voted in the role restructure question, 654 students voted in living wage question and 599 students voted on whether to retain the position of Students’ Union President, meaning that the referendum had a turnout of less that 10 percent.

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