Perhaps some of you may have been spending your seminars confused as to why the university’s male population has suddenly become a little more unkempt in their appearance. If so, the simple answer may be the phenomenon that is ‘Movember’.

The campaign, which traces its origins back to Australia in 2003, is now an international bid to promote men’s health and well-being with the tagline ‘changing the face of men’s health’.

The basic idea is to stop shaving that bit of upper lip for the duration of the month to raise money and awareness of men’s health problems, specifically prostate and testicular cancer.

The Dali, handlebar, walrus, horseshoe – the more creative the better! Each participant is known as a ‘Mo Bro’, and must follow a strict set of rules, starting with a clean shaven face on the first of the month and consistently grooming and preening his facial fro.

The official rules also state that it should not connect with the sideburns or beard to become a beard or goatee. This is traditionally followed up by a celebratory party at the end of the month to congratulate everyone for taking part.

Men also use the month as an attempt to change the attitudes men have towards their health in general. No need to feel left out though girls, we can get involved too!

‘Mo Sistas’ merely need to show some love and appreciation for their bros and their new facial embellishments; after all, behind every great man (with a moustache), stands a great woman. Women are essential in helping destigmatise a more open approach to men’s health, and have been an integral component in promoting the campaign’s key message; that ‘knowledge is power’.

Visit to find out more about the campaign, register, or donate to the foundation.

By Rianna Gargiulo

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