It would appear that my flat mate, Josie, does not share my dislike for the sea.

In fact, she appears to be quite partial to a dip and has a desire to ‘be a mermaid’, as she told me in a slurred voice one night.

We hadn’t even made it to the clubs. Nevertheless, my dearest new friend, whom I had previously considered to be quite reserved, sprinted over the sand as if bewitched by sirens themselves.

My friends and I watched in disbelief as she immersed herself in the water, swimming, fully clothed, at 12pm.

She was fished out, much to her annoyance and lead back ashore.

However, the drama that followed has made her reconsider her future as a mer-person.

Josie managed to lose not only her keys and her dignity, but most worryingly; break her phone.

Words cannot describe just how hilarious it is hearing someone explain to their friends and family exactly why they are unable to contact them for a few weeks.

I don’t doubt that the story was fabricated when she informed her parents; somehow I find it unlikely that “I didn’t realise swimming in the sea would break it” would go down too well.

It was a truly entertaining week watching Josie struggle for communication, wallow in her shame and hang her self-respect out to dry, letting the events of that night sink in.

Debbie Batchelor

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Creatures of the Night – Midnight Dip

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