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Gym class review – spinning

The Badger

ByThe Badger

Nov 26, 2012

Victoria Ayininuola

Waking up at 7:30am for a fitness class would fill most people with dread, but not me. As a morning person a spinning class first thing is perfect to start off my day and give me the energy I need to get through it.
On a Tuesday morning at 8am, the sports centre holds a spinning class, aimed at working your legs and an overall cardio and resistance workout. It was a full class filled with eager, bright-eyed “spinners “ ready for a great workout.
The class was taken by our instructor Terry, who began with a brisk warm up on the bikes. Our starting pace was 80 rpm.
Now that’s pretty fast, but it was a great wake up call to my legs.  The class was based on interval training, which varied from increasing the resistance on the bikes to make your legs work harder, to standing climbs which were a killer and sprints at 100 rpm.
30 minutes into the class, my heart rate was through the roof and I thought I was never going to finish the, but I pulled through.
The interval training and constant change in resistance was a great way to challenge my body.
My favourite part of the class was during the hill climbs, where I felt my legs working and using my abs to stabilise myself on the bike.
Overall, I would give spinning a 10/10. By the end of the class, my average rpm was 84, which is above average. My abs felt tighter and I felt the overall effect on my legs; not bad for a beginner. This is a class I would definitely recommend.

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