Chloë Langer
Tennis Social Secretary

The alarm rings at 8am, I have half an hour to get my baby outfit on and start pre-drinking with the other ‘tour-virgins’, before heading to the bus stop with our suitcases full of fancy dress and a tennis racket on my back. “No normal clothes allowed” was the only thing we’d been  told about tour up to that point…
Surprisingly, yes we did actually play some sports. At one stage, I had to eat a full plate of food with my hands tied behind my back, no knife and fork, while sitting alone at a table with a team of drunken rugby players. But as for the rest, what happens on tour stays on tour. So, if you want to know more, you will have to come and find out yourself in Salou, Spain!
If I had to sum Tour up in one phrase it would be: There’s no point going to uni if you’re not going on tour!

Sam Saliu
Tour Leader 2013

Tour was one of the best holidays I’ve been on so far in my life. Great fun, great friends to go with and all in all an awesome atmosphere. Of course the beautiful weather played its part too.
Sports tour was the perfect mix of fun and games, a great location and a great social scene at night. It’s a fun way to meet new people from both other sports teams in your university or from other universities in the country.
I 100% recommend sports tour to anyone who hasn’t been before. I promise it’s a holiday you would never forget and I am definitely coming back for seconds!

Sarah Hall
Tour Co-ordinator

Sports tour is an amazing opportunity to play your favourite sports in the sun. We will be taking over 150 University of Sussex students to sunny Salou in April to compete against dozens of other Universities who have all endured a 24hour coach journey to get there.
We take a wide range of sports from Football, hockey and Rugby to Cheerleading and beach flag football all representing the University. It’s a fantastic sporting and social trip.
Karoliina Lehtonen, Women’s Rugby, said: “Tour was the best week of my life, I have some great memories. It was nice to meet other like-minded sports people”

Martina Aegerter

Ours starts even before you get on the coach. Everyone shows up in fancy dress already, and enough drinks to ensure that the journey there is when the fun starts. We shared the bus with tennis and football women, so we got to know these teams a bit better. Once we were in Croatia, we played loads of fun games with other universities as well. Beach volleyball turned out not to be most people’s sport, as we had a cricket and a lacrosse team in our group. They soon gave up paying against us.
During the week, we had games against other teams that couldn’t be bothered with their sport anymore.
We certainly did something to promote Volleyball, and were also glad not to have to play competitively since we were partying every night. The motto is “what happens on tour stays on tour”, but I can tell you there was a lot of fancy dress (and no-dress), dancing which sometimes involved accidental punching, random encounters and lots of fun during meals as well, from being spoon fed to eating fish heads. And of course lots of dancing, sport and fun in the sun!

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