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Oct 19, 2012

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Party conference season swept the nation last week – although it was rather more sober than most students may imagine a party to be.

Satirical Tweets from the week:
@David_Scameron “I don’t defend privilege, I spread it. Because it’s that simple. Work hard on your ghastly council estate & you too will be educated at Eton”

@NickCleggsFair “@David_Cameron I’ve ironed the paper and cleaned all your shoes, sir. Will you be requiring me for anything else tonight?”

@Dalek MP on Twitter

@DalekMP “Who the hell decided to hold a Dalek party conference in a building with so many f***ing stairs? My anti-grav upgrade is knackered. #cpc12”


Worst Joke:
Clegg: “at last year’s party conference they admitted that you can’t in fact make Blue go Green. You have to add Yellow. And that’s exactly what we’re doing.

Best Joke:
Boris Johnson being papperazied like a celebrity on arrival at the Conservative Conference.


Applause (mins):     Length (words)
Labour,         17                  7,368     
Cons,             11                  6,060
Lib Dems,      9                   4,388


16/10 YouGov/ The Sun poll:

  • Labour 43%
  • Conservative 34%
  • Lib Dems 11%
  • UKIP 7%

Bree Allegretti
News Editor

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