Louis Brennan

A close friend of mine called Tim told me this ridiculous tale of what happened to him a couple of months back…

Tim fancied this girl (Lily) who was apparently drop-dead gorgeous.

He’d heard through the grapevine that she was quite into him, and she was hoping to see him out that night!

After pre-drinking at a Wetherspoons, Tim joined the queue for Digital.

He saw Lily in the queue up ahead; result!

However, his joy was to be short-lived as she got almost immediately turned away at the door even after protesting to the bouncer that her ID wasn’t a fake.

Her and her buddies walked away and Tim was left to enter the club, obviously devastated.

Towards the end of the night, he saw Lily dancing with her friends; she had managed to get in!

He staggered towards her, showing off his very best dance moves. Not long afterwards, they got a taxi back to her place…

Our friend Tim, woke up the next morning next to her, happy as Larry.

Taking in his surroundings, he noticed a picture on the bedside table.

It was a photo of Lily, except…there were two of her in the photograph.

Underneath it had an inscription with the words: “To my beautiful twin sister…from Lily xx”.

Five seconds later, the door opened and Lily walked in.

She looked at Tim, lying in bed with her twin sister and slammed the door shut with a bang!

What a chump.

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