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Hall of Fame: Lady Gaga

The Badger

ByThe Badger

Nov 24, 2011

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The world has gone Gaga. Since her explosion onto the pop scene in 2008 with debut album ‘The Fame’, Lady Gaga has become one of the most influential females in the arts world today. Featuring on the 2010 Times’ 100 Most Influential list and being named Billboard Magazine’s Artist of the Year, Lady Gaga has proven that her music, her style and her ideas are not to be ignored.

Musically, Gaga has always been confident in her sound. She has revealed that when initially faced with radio resistance, she would reply; “My name is Lady Gaga, I’ve been on the music scene for years, and I’m telling you, this is what’s next”. Tellingly, her hook-driven electro-pop hits ‘Just Dance’ and ‘Poker Face’, both went on to number one in the charts.

Her success only furthered with her second album, the proudly American ‘Born This Way’. Gaga’s rhythm is not the only aspect of her music that her ‘little monsters’ respond to; Gaga’s use of lyric speaks to her fans, creating a personal connection integral to her success. With a host of accolades to her name, including Brits, Grammys and American Music Awards, Lady Gaga’s musical talent is certified. Artists ranging from Rihanna to MGMT all show a touch of Gaga, drawing inspiration from this musical powerhouse.

In terms of fashion, Lady Gaga has made an incredible impact on the industry. Not afraid of being different, Gaga knows no boundaries when it comes to costume. With a dress made of bubbles on tour, twelve inch Alexander McQueen Armadillo shoes in ‘Bad Romance’, a dress made of cuddly Kermits for an interview, Haus of Gaga work tirelessly to produce ever more creative outfits for their frontwoman.

Gaga even performed on the X Factor audience whilst holding her own decapitated head. Nevertheless, her most controversial outfit to date is arguably the infamous meat dress she donned for the 2010 Video Music Awards. Whether you approve or are bemused by Lady Gaga’s fashion, it is undeniable that she has inspired artists to become more creative and imaginative with their visual appearance, breaking boundaries where few have ventured before.

In terms of everyday style, Gaga’s earlier look has spread like wildfire. Her penchant for hotpants has inspired women to get short, teaming bare toned pins with eighties-style tailoring to create the strong silhouette so favoured by Gaga. While hair bows (literally bows made of hair), shoulder pads and leotards may have caught on, however briefly, other styles such as coke-can rollers and cigarette sunglasses remain a source of stylistic inspiration rather than a realistic wardrobe option.

Love her or hate her, she was born this way, baby. Lady Gaga is a public phenomenon well on her way to becoming a superstar. Her music, her style and her beliefs set Gaga apart from the rest of the industry as a truly creative artist whose influence cannot be escaped. Who knows where Gaga will go next?

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