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Men's Rugby start with win

The Badger

ByThe Badger

Oct 28, 2009

Sussex Men’s Rugby 25-5 Sussex Downs

In wet conditions Sussex got their season off to a victorious start against a game Sussex Downs team.

After warming up for all of two hours in relentless rain Sussex got off to the perfect start when Alex Smith caught Hugh Taylor’s kick off and, learning from his mistake against England Deaf last season, sent Jonny Mac clear to score in the corner.

Sussex then spent most of the first period defending their line after being constantly penalised at the breakdown by the referee.

The lead was stretched as Alex Smith broke from a drive off the lineout, but Sussex were soon down to 14 men as centre John Behan was sent to the bin.

The second period saw a complete change in personal and although the team took time to settle there were some strong performances in the forwards from first years Tim Cochrane and Max Evans. Sussex asserted further control when a Panda Waddup break sent Chico over the line.

Further ill-discipline saw Downs get back into the game with a try but Sussex saw out the game with further tries from Will Richards and the impressive Tariq al-Khaldi.

2 thoughts on “Men's Rugby start with win”
  1. I sincerely apologies in advance if the following accusation proves untrue, but didn’t the rugby team simulate, whether intentionally or no, a gang rape on campus, resulting in the offended female student’s abstention from university for an entire term?

    And didn’t this same team harangue the volleyball team with violent sexual language, before being asked to stop by one the women, who they then laughed at and teased for the rest of their shared journey.

    Er…what a bunch of fucking tossers. Why are they still allowed to represent us ? And why hasn’t any of this been in The Badger?

    What has happened to this paper?

  2. If you don’t know these boys than what gives you the right to call them “fucking tossers”? After berating them for antisocial behaviour isn’t it hypocritical to then use such extreme language towards them? The incidents were written about so maybe check your facts before being so rude, and our team do us proud every week and are some of the most popular people at the university, so don’t go chatting shit when you don’t even know them. They are an undefeated team and some of the nicest people i know, and if you’re going to wage war with the Rugby team you’ll be going up against a lot of other people as well who will always stand up for our boys, so maybe think twice before throwing your hatred around. But then again on the other hand, i very much doubt any of the team care about pathetic opinions from people who don’t understand anything about them.

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