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Ways to Support Palestine as Students

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May 13, 2024

By Thomas Barlow and Sean Mccord (Staff Writers)

The Israeli government’s occupation of Gaza and blockade of aid is genocidal.  The situation has been ongoing for over six months, and some aid organisations have left Gaza and stopped their supply of desperately needed food and healthcare assistance due to safety concerns. Ongoing famine in the Gaza Strip has killed thousands – Oxfam recently stated that “since December the number of people in Gaza who have plunged into catastrophic levels of hunger has nearly doubled.” Living and studying in the UK we may feel as though we have no power to help the people of Palestine. And, as students, money is undoubtedly tight. But there are other ways to support the Palestinian people:

Emailing your local MP.

Whether at home or university, emailing your local MP can show our representatives that we will not be complicit in genocide. If enough constituents repeat the message, they will have to pass on our concerns to the powers that be in Westminster to call for a ceasefire.

Taking part in student action.

Sussex’s Friends of Palestine Society plans plenty of events you can be a part of. Planning your own fundraisers is also super easy, an email to or should help point you in the right direction.

Downloading the Chili App.  

Chili is an app that provides daily incentives and instructions to pressure policy-making departments to act in favour of environmental concerns. With Israeli military action creating a surge in fossil fuel consumption, Chili directly combats the companies profiting from the production of Israeli arms.

Donating directly.

If you do have some spare change, Save the Children, Islamic Relief, Medical Aid for Palestinians and the Middle East Children’s Alliance are some examples of NGOs and non-profit organisations helping victims in Gaza.

Cooking for Palestine.

Whether this be a barbecue or an attempt at Palestinian foods like rummaniyeh, get your friends together and appreciate Palestinian culture. Attendees can be encouraged to donate to charities doing crucial work now in Gaza. 

Playing a 5-a-side charity football match.

A football match consisting of two teams putting together prize money. The losing team donates to a Palestinian charity, or for those extra generous, you can donate the entire pot.

Sports sweepstakes.

Collecting sweepstakes from large groups for the current premier or champions league, the upcoming Euros, or any other sport is an uncomplicated way to encourage your friends to donate. 

Despite the busy schedule we all have as students, we hope these fundraising and volunteering opportunities are compatible with the stress of upcoming deadlines. Any support shown with and for the Palestinian people by Sussex students goes a long way.

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