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Life After the Spotlight

Charlotte Berry

ByCharlotte Berry

May 13, 2024

To wrap up this year’s paper, we got back in touch with our Student Spotlight interviewees to see what they have achieved since we last spoke! We’ve loved showcasing how amazing Sussex students truly are.

Miri FLC Musician, Radio Host, Mentor

“I’m still a youth mentor for Audio Active, and I’m now a radio host for Platform B! I had sex for the first time since my transition which was so affirming. I modelled for a binder company called “For Them”. I booked my top surgery through “Neda Transgender Surgery” in Istanbul. It’s a safe space created by trans people for trans people. It makes me think about how I felt during our last interview. I wanted [top surgery] so bad, I needed it. Top surgery still isn’t recognised as something that saves lives. I am going to feel like myself for the rest of my life. Weirdly, people have so many opinions about it.”

Rio/Aurora BlakeDrag Queen

“Since rising to campus stardom and being recognised by no one I have gained so many new skills. While procrastinating my dissertation, I now sew my looks every time I perform. I got cast in Season 6 of the Next Drag Superstar competition in London and have since been networking with the other queens. I’m finally branching out with venues and my skills are on full display.  I will be at Queen of Hoxton on 1 May for the Next Drag Superstar final, and I will have a go at some comedy at the R-Bar charity roast on 5 May. If my lovely Sussex cohort wants to witness me look stunning in something self-made, follow my Instagram @theaurorablake!”

OghenechovweNigerian Chevening student, Green Impact Project Assistant

“Well, same old (OG)henechovwe. I have been engaged in sustainability on campus. As a Green Impact Project Assistant (GIPA), I supported the Sussex Sports Department in taking sustainable and green actions. I engaged their staff through email, sharing various sustainable tips, including reducing their digital footprint and plastic waste. An exciting part of my role was engaging with the Head of Sports on sustainability and researching the five negative environmental impacts of Sussex sports. As a sports enthusiast, this experience has made me reflect on how sports can become sustainable and also support the fight against climate change.”

AndreaNeurodivergent MA student from Mexico

“I have had several activities since the interview with The Badger. One of them is that I have been focusing on getting the master’s degree done, through creating two essays and the thesis, due in September of this year. My tutors have given me the social tools to have more friends and be able to participate more frequently in the seminars of the classes; since I consider myself a person who finds it difficult to socialise and read people’s intentions. Another thing I have done after the interview has been to keep in touch with my family and friends in Mexico. I have also been going out with my boyfriend and my friends from the master’s degree.”

HarryMA Student from China

“Since participating in the interview, I have become more determined in my plans and goals for the future. My master’s degree is in Media Practice for Development and social change. Social changes are more about changing society at the grassroots level through daily activities. I want to use the knowledge I have learned and combine it with my interest in football to explore the significance of football on race and gender issues. I am a Chinese football vlogger, so I often mention these in my videos. This week I will go to watch the Arsenal Women’s football match, I hope it can bring me some inspiration.”

Each of our interviewees’ full articles can be found online under our Student Spotlight section.

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