God I would like to ask if this is it?

Maybe you could send someone, Gabriel will do, 

to tell me if this okay-ness is the whole point

Then I think I would hurry to bed and watch a lot

of TV because clearly I have nothing to strive for- 

I assume you hear your name shouted quite a lot,

I have a similar thing when people say ‘Is he?’ 

It sounds like Issy but I am in fact talking to you.

You might remember me from my baptism?

I was wearing an ugly dress because my mum’s

friend borrowed ours and never gave it back

-you can note that down for your hell list if you like.

I think I came back a few times throughout the years, 

Yes, I am a Christmas Christian but isn’t 

that the most important day anyway?

I admit I have a tendency to date devout atheists and the 

way they talk about it really is their own religion, don’t you think? 

I think I was made for religion, God, 

With the obsessive brain you gave me 

It’s wired to act so bad things won’t happen 

If I had been raised right maybe I’d pray so I didn’t go to hell

Instead of touch things so I don’t die 

But I guess it’s all the same to you, 

some strange magnetic power controlling me.

Anyway, let me know about the whole life thing

any sign would be good, 

look forward to hearing from you.

Issy Anthony

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