We are not stemmed from two,

not a cell, not a particle,

no lineage exists to respond,

for there is no beauty in divinity

and no wonder in the beyond.

To see is to believe,

when believing cannot be seen.

A rare celestial dreaming

for our place amongst the stars,

a home of tranquillity, repose, peace –

Of meaning.

For to love the stars,

is to love life itself.

No inhibition of yearning.

No suppression of fear.

No reluctance of purpose.

Shining together,

year upon year.

Dimmed with time, perhaps.

Faded by fate, maybe.

But we are united, glimmering –

so let us be collective in our songs,

and shared in our rituals,

for we are, each and every one of us,

stardust residuals.

Rob Barrie

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