Words by Mia Stuckley, Travel & Culture Online Editor

As the long-awaited and much anticipated casting of Daniel Craig in his fifth and final film as the much-loved Bond (James Bond) braces the screens of cinemas around the world, more than ever, we are foraging for any way to step into the shoes of our fond friend from the MI6. Convincing ourselves upon hearing the news that ‘No Time to Die’ would be Craig ‘s last debut as Fleming’s iconic double agent, that we could in-fact become the next 007, the British public is finding every way to commit to this new lease of life. We could beat all the celebrities in the running to follow on from Craig’s legacy, I’m sure of it.  Maybe if I play Billie Eilish’s ‘No Time To Die ‘on loop all day, yell it loud enough in the shower or pull out my Casino Royale cinema tickets from the good old days of 2006, tucked away amongst the walkie talkies and mission goggles in the loft, I’ll be recruited. Manifesting is a powerful practice and Hollywood will understand. 

Perhaps I need a new suit, a better map of London, a bigger nerf gun, hone in on my spy skills. Britain, I know I’m not alone as the government has received a lot of Secret Service applications recently. I’m looking at all of you out there who really think they can report for duty by driving motorcycles into trains or being tied to a chair and whacked in the balls by Le Chiffre just as effortlessly as 007 does it.  Most of the population is willing to give it a go. Concerning … I’m impressed by the courage but, on second thoughts, maybe I won’t be able to live the life of a secret agent every day. It’ll ruin my breakfast as I look behind my shoulder and a second later there’s a gunshot wound, and soya milk is pouring profusely out of my bowl of coco pops. I personally couldn’t hack that kind of loss. Not for me, I’ll take my espresso with a double shot, nothing else please. 

I’m thinking maybe a week would suffice. It’d   be nice to live the lifestyle of someone with a licence to kill, with all the luxury and none of the nitty gritty, of course. And if you’re anything like me, I’ve got a solution for that quicker than you can say Vesper Martini. 

The tropical retreat of ‘Goldeneye’ Jamaica. The spiritual birthplace of Bond, where the 14 novels of 007 came about from the partnership of lan Fleming and his typewriter. The stunning resort will leave you both shaken and stirred as any fan of the franchise can dwell in all of Bond’s glory. The Goldeneye estate on the North-coast of Jamaica is far from the London HQ most frequented by bond and his workforce, but the ocean breeze and stunning scenes will bring so close to the action you may be able to hear the theme song quietly chanting in the wind. 

Fleming originally found the plot on which ‘Goldeneye’ would be built as he discovered that 15 acres of tropical overbrush, formerly a donkey racetrack, was for sale in Oracabessa Bay, Jamaica. He afterwards sketched his dream villa,  named i, t and returned to dream up and release the inner workings of his fictional finesse into his adored agent 007. 

12 Years after Fleming’s death, in the late 1980’s, the property was sold to Bob Marley and then a year later to Chris Blackwell, island records founder, when the estate developed into the beginnings of the retreat it is today.  The current experience, ensures a choice of 49 rooms, 26 beach huts, several cottages and the ultimate ‘Fleming villa’, because a secret agent should never be out of options. Even whilst sleeping, you’d never be far from the action. Not only were the books all written within the walls of the villa but scenes from Sean Connery’s first Bond Film’ Doctor No ‘in 1962, Roger Moore’s’ Live and Let Die’ in 1973 and ‘No Time to Die’ were also filmed on the island, the latest following where Bond revels in his short-lived retirement at the beginning of the film. Priced from £302 per night, the villa is nothing short of exquisite with the option of private pools, outdoor showers, freestanding baths, butlers and gadgets plentiful enough for Q to shake a stick at.  As Fleming said, ‘would these books have been born if I wasn’t living in the gorgeous vacuum of a Jamaican holiday?  I doubt it.’ With this said, what revelations could your ventures here uncover in your own life  

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to find out. Start getting in those martini requests and dust off your tuxedos. A holiday of British excellence awaits you, in Jamaica. Though you may think you’re up for a life of risk and danger,  we’ve also been expecting you to burn,so  bring that higher SPF, and 007 sunglasses, it’s not quite London sun. 

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