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The Brighton-based indie rock band ‘Black Honey’ have announced a headline UK tour for their brand new album ‘Written & Directed’ Set to land March 19th. Just over two years after the release of their self-titled debut, ‘Written & Directed’ depicts a quintessentially Black Honey feel, but with a fresh and evolved essence. With a nod towards the band’s love for all things Tarantino, the album portrays a nuance of heavy-rocking instrumentals with a splash of female empowerment, a much-needed message within an overwhelmingly male-dominated industry.

“The main theme of the album is cinema, so when we were making it we were like okay, what scene of what song would this be in and what’s the setting here…it would be rude not to call it Written & Directed because it just felt so right…”

Speaking over Zoom on Wednesday, Frontwoman Izzy B. Phillips explained that she wants “young identifying women to feel invincible. I want them to get on the school bus in the morning and think I’m going to kick some ass today, then come back home listening to [the single] Gabrielle and feel as though they’re in a film noir!” The album’s punk-rock attitude contrasts with its Hollywood allure, combining their influences of “Lou Reed, Blondie, and 60’s psychedelics that all converge into one chaotic experience of noise.”

The album’s lead single ‘Run For Cover’, co-written with Royal Blood’s Mike Kerr, centers around the complexities of sex, flipping the gaze from male to female. Interestingly, the track was in fact intended to feature on Royal Bloods’ own upcoming album, Typhoons. However, the track itself fits seamlessly within the ‘Written & Directed’ album, making this a great addition to the record.

When we spoke about female artists entering the rock genre, Phillips stressed the importance for upcoming female musicians to “do your research and try to learn as much as you can about the industry… believe in what you can offer, the vision, and what you can create.”

Although the future for live-events is teetering on unsteady grounds, Phillips revealed that a live stream may be in the works; “There’s a strong fatigue around [streamed events], a proper live stream is something we do want to do and we do have a few things planned. I know that some people bought tickets to go see Frank [Carter & The Rattlesnakes], in a world where our main art form has been torn away from us, I respect anyone that wants to try and maintain that in some way. It’s definitely not the same though, it’s a really big operation to try and get something sounding f*cking good and looking f*cking good with no technical hiccups.”

Black Honeys’ new album ‘Written & Directed’ is fearless and daring, perfectly summarising the band’s new spirit and direction.

Empowering women in rock is a paramount objective within a male-oriented industry, where Black Honey’s unashamed outspoken style will undoubtedly inspire women to “find themselves and dump their boyfriends.”(NME)

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