In the lead-up to the Change Sussex Forum taking place in the Research Centre on October 22, The Badger provides the low down on the Students’ Union’s two most recently recognised student campaigns

Sussex, a university known for its politically minded campus, is recognising two new student-led campaigns within the Students’ Union. Under the Sheets and Brighton’s chapter of the Youth Strike for Climate are joining the line-up of other well known campaigns such as Sussex Ecosia, Decolonize Sussex and Late Again B&H. 

The Students’ Union exists to support students and represent them. A huge way of doing this is by encouraging campaigns through advice, resources and funding. The SU defines these campaigns as being about ‘mobilising people and power’ to create change through events and affirmative action to ‘highlight and challenge an issue in society’ – which is why Under the Sheets and Youth Strike for Climate are appropriate additions to the Sussex University campus.

Under the Sheets is a newly created student campaign borne out of students recognising that there is a nationwide lack of education regarding safe sex and emotionally healthy relationships. Created in March 2019, the idea was sparked due to the need for conversations about sexual education to be more open, and the need for a sex positive society – especially with online dating. A society that Under The Sheets believes Sussex should be leaders in.

They list their three key focuses as ‘promoting sex positivity on campus’, ‘education and promotion of safe sexual relations’ and ‘education surrouding emotionally healthy relationships’.  

The sexual education they aim to provide spans topics including sex work and red flags in relationships, as well as the importance of absitence to some due to sexuality, health or faith. Under The Sheets aims to provide an inclusive place where all are welcome.

The second new campaign is the Brighton’s Youth Strike for Climate. They aim to raise awareness of the urgency of the current climate crisis specifically regarding the disproportionate impact it is having on young people and those in the Global South. 

They hope that by connecting this worldwide dilemma with everyday people and their lives then change can be achieved. Locally, they aim to help in Sussex by pushing for a more sustainable agenda on campus whilst raising awareness on campus. 

Brighton Youth Strikers have already begun mobilising with over 10,000 people striking in Brighton making it the third largest climate strike city in Britain. Another way that they’ve been campaigning is by talking at the Labour Conference for the party to fight for a Green New Deal by backing the decarbonisation of the economy target be changed to 2030 from the previous 2050; a motion voted overwhelmingly for by the Labour delegates.

If you want to find out more about student-led campaigns at Sussex and how to get involved then head to:



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