Sussex University based group Ecosia on Campus are to hold a tree-planting event in Library Square this Wednesday April 10. This is after the University’s default search engine Ecosia reaches almost 600,000 searches by Sussex students, equivalent to 8000 trees planted globally.

Ecosia is an internet search engine that donates 80% of its profits, generated through advertising, to conservation organisations. It has over 7 million active users and has so far planted over 53 million trees globally, equal to one tree being planted every 1.1 seconds.

Ecosia on Campus is a group run by three Sussex Anthropology students, Fred, Amber and Erin, who are leading a campaign to encourage universities around the world to use the search engine as a default browser. These students work with 60 universities globally, providing the resources students need to convince their University to make the switch.

Since the University of Sussex made Ecosia its default search engine, students have funded the planting of 8000 trees, just by searching the web and clicking on ads.

On Wednesday April 10 the group will be planting three Rowan Trees in library square to show how the global campaign originated at Sussex University, and to continue to branch out to new students to use Ecosia.

On March 14, Sussex allotment group, Roots, organised a tree-planting event at which Ecosia on Campus also planted trees.

Ecosia on Campus told The Badger “We wanted to leave our mark on Sussex in some way after we graduate. Although we achieved this by making Ecosia the default search engine, to have physical trees planted on the campus that will still be here in 30 years time when we return as alumni is something we’re really proud of.”

They also said “Every tree that Ecosia plants is located where it will have the most powerful ecological and social impact. With projects in Latin America, Africa and Asia, Ecosia is not only helping to reduce the global levels of carbon, but is also helping to empower local communities, improve soil fertility, crop yield and water security, providing good jobs for women and greatly improving the livelihoods of people the world over.

“By encouraging the world’s Universities to switch to Ecosia, the Ecosia on Campus movement is playing a vital role in creating more environmentally conscious individuals in society” they added.

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