A teenager has been admitted to hospital after a fairground ride on Brighton’s iconic pier came loose yesterday.

According to reports from eye-witnesses, the incident took place on a ride called ‘Air Race’, which is described on the Pier’s website as a ‘thrilling motion ride which guarantees to send your pulse racing.’

It has been recounted that the loosened pod came off of the ride and flew into an unnamed teenager, who was then rushed to hospital with a suspected leg injury.

Initial police tweets suggest that altogether four people were injured, although they stated that all injuries ‘are not thought to be serious at this time.’

Milo Macpherson, 12, has recounted the shocking event which occurred whilst he was on the Pier’s attraction.

Speaking to the Argus, Milo said: “I was so scared and shaking because the ride was going at full speed for another 45 seconds after it happened.

“My legs were dangling off the ride – I was so nervous. I didn’t know if anything else was going to fall off.

“I feel like anything could have happened. The bit that flew off was so big, I could have been killed.”

Anne Ackord, Chief Executive of Brighton Pier Group, said that nothing like yesterday’s event had ever happened before.

Commenting on the incident, she said: “The operator did the right thing by pressing the emergency button as part of our well rehearsed crisis plan.

“We have spoken with the manufacturer who will be flying in from Italy for an investigation. I’m glad to see there seem to be no serious injuries.”

A spokesman for the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has confirmed that the organisation is aware of the incident and an investigation has been opened.

It is not yet known what caused the ride’s malfunction.

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