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Jordan Wright

ByJordan Wright

Mar 13, 2019

Two forklift trucks fall from Pier

Two forklift trucks being used for ongoing steelworks fell from the Palace Pier early last week.

A spokeswoman for the Brighton Palace Pier said: “Crucially, no one was injured or in any danger of being injured and the recovering plan for the forklifts is already in place.”

A workmen near the scene speaking to The Argus said of the event: “Hearing that a forklift truck has fallen off a pier is definitely not something I expected to hear today.”

Tenant fees to be illegal in June

Tenancy fees are set to become a thing of the past from 1 June 2019 due to the Government’s Tenant Fees Act (2019).

The Act, which aims to ban letting fees paid by tenants in the private sector, intends to reduce the costs that tenants face at the outset and throughout their tenancy.

Specifically, tenants will be able to see what a property will cost them without any additional hidden costs, such as administrative fees or fees to perform a credit check.

This Act now means such fees will be paid by the landlord, with the Government hoping the fees charged will reflect the real economic value of the services provided, and to incentivise letting agents to compete for the landlords’ business.

Brighton’s Setting Sun pub receives £314,000 revamp

The Setting Sun pun in Hanover is et to open its doors again in April after receiving a £314,000 refurbishment.

The pub, which has previously been closed since last September, is set to open under new licensees Fynn Chamverlain and Kathryn Joyce, who have previously managed the Fountain Head together on North Road. Around 10 jobs are expected to be created because of its re-opening, where it will be a family and dog friendly local.

Boasting a new modern industrial look, the pub has undergone multiple renovations  to allow for more seating, an all-weather covered pergola area, as well as vast changes to the interior of the bar itself.

Speaking to The Argus, Fynn said: “We want to reconnect The Setting Sun with the local community.”

Main image by Mike Mozart on Flickr

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