This edition, we follow-up with the ‘Late Again’ Campaign to see what they have achieved since last time we spoke…

This edition I have followed-up with the ‘Late Again’ Campaign after recent developments in the team’s pursuit of a punctual and reliable bus service that cater for the demands of students in terms of its timings and reach across Brighton and other popular student locations.

The team previously described the service as being unable to ‘deal with the high demand of passengers’ and that they wanted ‘to stop students being late due to multiple buses driving past them as they they try and commute to university.’ They confirmed that meetings were set to take place the following week, and so we will now take a look at the amendments that were declared within the statement issued as a result…

As the picture suggests, the ‘Late Again’ team were victorious in their primary negotiations with the company. After a couple of meetings the statement was released stating that new amendments to bus times  would be introduced, as well as new bus routes being trialled as soon as April.

The details of the statement are as follows:

The pledge to amend the timetable for 23 bus, arriving at suitable times for lectures

The alteration of the timetable for 50U service, ensuring timings works for lectures

They will be introducing these changes in April

Introducing night buses to Queens Park area from town-centre to secure a safe route for people on their way home late in these areas

Trialling this from late-April

They also assured better communication between the company and students by:

Holding on-campus, round-table sessions with students to discuss issues, points of success etc. (first session due to be held in March)

Will meet termly with the Student Union

Further Pledges:

Options of introducing annual/termly tickets that can be paid in installments throughout the year

Amending bus routes based on where students live, especially beyond Lewes Road and town-centre

Reviewing the 28 and 29 routes, including night buses to Lewes to ensure the safety of students living in Lewes commuting late

The potential change of the 5B bus service which facilitates students living in Hollingbury

Not only were they successful in enacting change throughout the bus company, but they sparked inspiration from their peers as they were nominated for a Student Award as well. The ‘Late Again’ team really devoted their time and effort to this cause as they did everything from media coverage to postcard campaigning. The initiative and persistence they showed as they campaigned, taking in the opinions, ideas and experiences of the wider-community of Brighton, across platforms, really exhibits the excellence and devotion that gained them yet another rewarding achievement.

I spoke to the team themselves for a statement on the recent successes and they were quick to remind me that the fight doesn’t stop here….

Anushka: If other students are thinking about making a change in the university or the wider community they should go for it! We are only 3 students, with the help of Frida, and we have managed to get a whole range of improvements made for students who take the bus to uni. We did a lot of our campaigning online and this allowed us to be really flexible with other commitments. Social media is a great tool for change!

Irem: I could add Anushka’s comment that they shouldn’t be afraid of giving it a shot and raising their voices. We’ve come a long way from where we began to this point. We started with nothing and accomplished so much in just 5 months. I feel very lucky to have helped improve the quality of student life at Sussex University. But I also feel extremely lucky to have met 3 amazing women who are very passionate, fun, lovely and supportive. You never know when or where your path is going to cross with good people. So, if there is anyone out there thinking some things need to change or thinking of being a part of campaign, they should go for it.

Anushka: You’re right, this has been a great experience and I feel like I’ve gained skills, confidence and some wonderful friends

This summarises in its entirety, the community and spirit that comes with getting involved. The hard work accomplished here is evident, but the reward gained proves to be just as great.

Is there something that you wish to change within the university? Take inspiration and take action like the ‘Late Again’ team, and don’t wait for others to change things for you.

If you were inspired by the work of the ‘Late Again’ campaign then you can contact them using the following details:

Facebook: Late Again B&H

Instagram: @lateagainbh

Twitter: @LateAgainBH

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