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New Student Energy Project Launches at Sussex

Jessica Hubbard

ByJessica Hubbard

Oct 18, 2018

A new Student Energy Project has started at Sussex.

The project is run in collaboration with The Student Energy Project, the University Sustainability team and Sussex Students’ Union.

The Student Energy Project (TSEP) is in operation at East Slope, with the aim of encouraging students to reduce their energy and water consumption. TSEP projects run from the start of the academic year until the end of the following June.

TSEP incentivises students to reduce their consumption by awarding them points for saving energy and water.

The project is currently only running in the new East Slope development.

Prizes up for grabs as part of the project include a chance to win £250 Amazon vouchers, money off Stojo reusable cups, £50 vouchers for taking part in TSEP’s monthly competitions, free online courses, and access to an exclusive jobs platform.

The Students’ Union told The Badger: “We’re advertising it to societies with the idea that they recruit their members living in East Slope and if they win the money they can use it for their society”.

TSEP is also recruiting accommodation TSEP Representatives. They say “It’s a great opportunity to add something extra and valuable to your CV. TSEP reps will get peers excited about being part of a project in their community centred around a great cause and getting something in return. From the TSEP team, you will have a dedicated manager. All reps are provided with the opportunity to undergo e-learning prior to the project launch, so even if the student has no prior knowledge of energy consumption, the role can be a success!”.

Anyone interested in becoming a Representative can email

Sussex University and The Students’ Union have both made commitments to be more sustainable.

In the last few years, Sussex has committed to divesting from fossil fuels due to mounting student pressure and action from student groups such as Fossil Free Sussex.

Initiatives such as reducing waste in campus buildings and cutting down food waste have also featured on campus.


Image Credit: Pixabay: Gemjan

Jessica Hubbard

By Jessica Hubbard

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