Sussex Students’ Union (SU) is launching an online book market for students to buy and sell academic books this week. The market will operate  via the SU’s website, and was one of the manifesto pledges of President Frida Gustafsson.

In December, one of the Frida’s other pledges, to allow hot drinks into the library, was finally fulfilled, leaving many students content. Alongside this, the President wished to tackle other academic issues like setting up a University online book market to cheapen the cost of students of getting textbooks, which will be set to launch 1st March.

The President having recognized this struggle, has officially succeeding in launching the book market. Frida told The Badger: “I know I used to get quite annoyed with how expensive my course books were, and wished there was an easy way to get a hold of a cheaper second-hand copy. I’m hoping students will enjoy this website as much as I would have!”

Students are more than aware of the expenses spent on books for their courses that may rarely be used or are needed for just a short period of time, with spending on reading lists often a frustrating experience.

A first year History student told the Badger: “Students were given the wrong reading lists and bought texts which were never used for the following term,” one situation students have found themselves in which could benefit from the online book market.

The new website aims to help students financially benefit from each other by saving money on books as well as recouping costs by selling used texts for affordable prices. This method is also environmentally friendly, a central focus for the President, as on a wider scale reusing course books could cut down on printing resources and reduce waste.

Despite the many benefits of this online website, this change may not impact students greatly. Alternative ways of saving money on texts may prove to be just as efficient, such as resources like the library and electronic uploads, and the scheme is entirely dependent on student usage of the scheme – the level of which remains to be seen.

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