Brighton and Hove Buses have confirmed they will return to campus during strike days after 6pm until 7am. The buses resumed serving campus stops on Monday evening.

This agreement, made between the University, Brighton and Hove Buses, the Students Union and University and College Union (UCU) has received the backing of student activists as these times are outside the hours when the pickets are in place.

During the strike period buses originally intended to run at these restricted hours. However, the B&H buses took the decision to suspend all campus services on strike days following a student “sit in” to block buses on Thursday 22nd.

Student protestors were acting in response to the bus company breaking the picket line under instructions by the University, despite an earlier pledge not to do so.

Brighton and Hove Buses explained on Twitter: “Originally, we weren’t entering the University of Sussex campus due to the industrial action. However, we recently received contact from the University who told us that they would like buses on the campus.”

When asked about the decision to ask bus drivers to cross the picket line, a Brighton and Hove Bus Company spokesperson said on Twitter: “the instruction has come directly from the university – all complaints would need to be directed to them.”

There have been no subsequent attempts to block buses by students apart from on Thursday 22nd.

President of the Students Union, Frida Gustafsson said in a statement to the Badger, ‘I’m pleased we were able to find a solution that UCU felt respected their picket lines and allowed students travelling in the evening and overnight to safely get between the city and campus’.

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