The University of Sussex is currently second place on Holiday Lettings’ ‘UK’s Most Beautiful Universities’ awards!

Only Royal Holloway tops Sussex – leading by just over 1200 votes at time of writing.

Sussex’s campus was built in 1961 during the post-war wave of ‘plate glass’ universities. The campus was designed by Sir Basil Spence who imagined a modernist campus, promoting bold and innovative buildings that “provide a background that is sympathetic to young and energetic minds which are growing and developing apace,” whilst complementing the outstanding beauty of the South Downs National Park.

Spence’s designs have been highly regarded in the architecture community and many of the buildings have been awarded notable awards and listings. Falmer House has been given a grade 1 status of “exceptional interest” as well as winning a bronze medal from the Royal Institute of British Architects, whilst the meeting house won the Civic Trust Award in 1969

Sussex prides itself on being the only UK university that is surrounded by the beauty of a national park, however the university is also just an hour from London and a 10-minute train ride from the hustling, bustling city center of Brighton! We Sussex students definitely have it pretty damn good.

Voting closes tomorrow on the 24th so get voting!

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