Dear Badger,

A few weeks ago a poster advertising a meeting for faculty members entitled “dealing with right wing attitudes and politics in the classroom”, appeared on campus. This has been quite controversial, and has been picked up by the national media, even making it into The Telegraph! Frankly it’s about time that we started discussing this hugely important issue.

Right wing opinions have certainly become in vogue lately haven’t they? I seem to be encountering them a lot lately. Just the other day, I overheard someone in Eat Central say that “Theresa May isn’t actually that bad.” What a disgusting opinion!!! They should really think twice about people’s feelings before airing such radical conservative views in public. I mean really!

Even The Badger, normally a bastion of good left wing thought, isn’t safe from their onslaught. In the latest edition, someone has written a whole page of neoliberal propaganda in the features section. I couldn’t quite believe my eyes when I saw! I can’t believe that this nonsense was allowed to be published, the paper is clearly going downhill.

I for one certainly hope that the people who posses these opinions are promptly removed from the university, as they are different and scary to me. Sussex is supposed to be a safe space for everyone, so it’s fair that only people that agree with me on everything should be allowed to study here.

You know what, the other day I was actually thinking how despite voting remain myself, I think the referendum should be respected and leaving the EU is the right thing to do. Hang on a second…  I think the right wing disease might be spreading people! They’ve got me too!!! I would like to finish writing this letter but I’m afraid I must go to visit my nearest re-education centre at once, out of fear that I might become “one of them”.


An Irritating Complainer 

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