For the second week running our front page revolves around one of the central elements of our university exprience: fees.

Loans, paying for our education, and financial fears have become a very big part of the life of all students today. Sussex recently announced a rise in fees not only for incoming students in 2017/18 but also for all of us already here: those of us who had signed up for a £9,000 of debt a year and are now facing our next year costing us £250 more.

We at The Badger have decided to investigate exactly what mechanisms are allowing fees to rise, and have hopefully managed to reveal some clarity. We are now publishing our second news piece in an ongoing exploration of the recent news that fees would go up at Sussex.

Vice-Chancellor Adam Tickell agreed to be interveiwed by Luke Richards after the publication of our first news story. We are greatful to him for speaking to us.

We hope additionally that students feel we have managed to somewhat illuminate the complex processes going on with fees rising, both at Sussex and nationally within the context of the Teaching Excellence Framework, which shall come into effect next academic year and bring about changes to the Higher Education landscape.

We are all university students at a time of brusque change, and we are watching these transformations effect us already.

I sincerely hope the questions which we at The Badger have been asking the university will lead in time to greater clarity between the university and students.

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