Brighton’s underground scene is getting a vital injection of energy from POLAR, who are supporting up and coming DJ’s in Brighton and ensuring the South coast reclaims its title as the home of moonlit music.

Currently Leeds and Bristol are synonymous with innovation, with each consistently facilitating the growth of tomorrow’s big names. Bristol dominates house, whilst Leeds’ reputation for disco is among the best in Europe. Brighton should be competing with the giants, but its soaring cost of living often pushes DJ’s elsewhere.

POLAR want to kick-start this resurgence, and are hosting a series of carefully curated gigs to exhibit the brightest local talents; working the grind during the day and supplying the party for you to savour at night.

Think BOILER ROOM crossed with Good Life and you should have a feel for POLAR’s manifesto.

With ears in all the right places, this collective looks set to boom over the coming weeks and months.

Their next event is this coming Monday, so get on down to MONO to hear the soulful bliss of Mickey Cee, supported by a trio of rising talent: POLAR resident James Joyce and Trickstar upstarts Zacquille Brookes and Badeera.

Get there early, cause it’s free entry before midnight if you’re on the Facebook guest list.

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