The Student’s Union and University Housing Services have announced a new rent guarantor pilot scheme.

The scheme provides a guarantor in the amount of 125 pounds per week for students who can prove they are unable to find a UK guarantor.

This is especially important as it opens up the renting market for students who may not have otherwise been able to find a guarantor.

Georgiana Severin, a student from Romania, said: “I know a lot of Internationals who have the fear of guarantors… a lot of International students -like myself-  would feel a lot more at ease because a lot of the time people can’t get their ‘perfect’ house because of the guarantor. So it would be a real help to us.”

The scheme is currently in its infancy and was opened to 20 students initially. However, it could be rolled out on a larger scale, depending on its success, providing help for more students over the coming years.

It is aimed at international students in particular, as they may be unable to find a UK property owner/ other guarantor to kickstart a new tenancy.

Vice Chancellor Adam Tickell has approved the scheme, perhaps because students without a guarantor often have to pay 6 months or a year’s worth of rent.

Sarah Gibbons, the Society and Citizenship Officer, is supportive of the scheme and has said: “Finding a guarantor can be a huge barrier to students being able to secure good quality affordable accommodation in Brighton.

This pilot has come after years of lobbying from officers so huge congratulations to everyone who’s been involved and hope to see it expand in the future.”

Oscar Barker-Phelps, from the University’s Housing Services team, also said: “I’m really pleased to be offering this scheme, which has come about through really understanding issues raised by the Students’ Union, and working with colleagues from across the University, including Student Services and Finance.”

The housing pages and rent guarantor pages of the University website provide further information on the scheme.

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